• As stated on my front page, I am currently an Amazon affiliate. Basically, that means any of the Amazon links you see throughout my blog pages or posts are monetized. If you chose to purchase the item I link to on Amazon, Amazon will pay me a small compensation for funneling them the business. With that said, the large majority of products I link to on this blog are products I have used, read, watched, listened to, enjoyed, and/or believe in. Except for Star Wars Episode III, which was awful. Purchasing that would be an epic waste of money. In fact, none of the prequels were good, so if you see links in the blog to those, just know I am probably making fun of them. Should you mistakenly purchase one of the prequels through an Amazon link from my blog, I am sorry, but on the plus side, I will still receive compensation!
  • I have no other financial arrangements associated with this blog and do not receive any payment or special favor from any of the blogs, news articles, or podcasts I link to. Should that situation change, I will update this page with the pertinent information.
  • Also, as stated on my Golden Albatross page, I am not a certified financial advisor, planner, accountant, or anything else. I am just a guy who read a lot of books, blogs and listened to numerous podcasts. I am simply providing general financial information for my audience in a fun and memorable manner. While I consider many financial issues and situations in my articles, I have not considered yours specifically. Due to the number of major financial mistakes I’ve made throughout my life, whose tales I regale you with on this site, you would be wise to conduct your own research and come to your own conclusions. I won’t be insulted if you do.  You can always seek professional advice as well but I would advise to use professionals who adhere to the Fiduciary standard and use the fee-only compensation method. They have the least conflicts of interest and have a legal obligation to put your best interests first.

With that enjoy the blog!