The Golden Albatross Has Landed!

What is a Golden Albatross?
For those of us caught in the maw of the Golden Albatross.

Welcome to The Grumpus Maximus blog. I am your host, Grumpus Maximus.

This blog is dedicated to those of us seeking Financial Independence (FI) by grinding away at (mostly) thankless jobs in order to earn a defined benefit pension. It is a situation I dubbed The Golden Albatross and isn’t a consideration most FI blog sites take into account. While this blog is geared towards workers who stand to earn pensions, there are lessons and resources for anyone interested in achieving FI. So even if you are not pension eligible, please feel free to explore the resources collated within.

I’ve broken up the site into what I hope are easily digestible sections. If you are new, I would suggest reading the About Me and What is a Golden Albatross? pages first. The Resources section is stocked with numerous references to the greater FI community as well as some handy information to get you started on your path to FI. The Planning and Pensions sections are probably the most important and unique, as they provide you the knowledge and tools needed to plot your course to FI utilizing a pension (or not).  My Life and Money section is where I discuss all my financial mistakes and hard money lessons learned from over the years.  It’s my hope you can learn from them.  All of these and other sections should grow in time.

My intent for this blog is to demonstrate how I combined lessons from the FI community with the sacrifice it takes to work in a pensionable career field, in order to achieve happiness through the Financially Independent Retired Early (FIRE) lifestyle. The planning considerations for those of us in a pensionable career are somewhat different than what I would dub the mainstream FI community. I will expand on this in multiple future posts.

Pensioners who FIRE fly in a different direction.

What do I get out of it? As you will find out in the About Me and The Golden Albatross pages, I receive the therapeutic satisfaction of helping other people. But if you happen to click a link to Amazon and buy one of the financial resources or pop culture references I make, then I also get a small kickback. Currently, that is the only financial association I have with any company, website, or tool that I reference throughout this blog. I decided to monetize the site from the beginning in the small hope I can break even with costs because while the knowledge I happily share is free, running a website takes a few bucks.

I will continue to update my Disclosures page with any financial associations I make through this site because I feel disclosing a conflict of interest is important. My Disclosures page also has other FTC mandated information as well. For any legal beagles in the audience who are knowledgeable about that kind of stuff, I sure would appreciate a heads up if you notice anything missing, incomplete, or inaccurate.  Legal issues are the last thing I need.

Finally, I am new to this blogging thing. I’ve consumed blog sites for several years now but never created one. I will try to make this both fun and professional and am happy to take advice or constructive criticism in order to improve your experience. You can find me on Twitter @maximusgrumpus and am Grumpus Maximus on the Book of Face, if you prefer to follow me one of those ways. I also run a Facebook Group entitled Golden Albatross / Golden Handcuffs.  We tend to discuss pension and FI related topics, and I also use group interaction to help with my articles.  If you would like to join, send me a request.  Or you could leave me your email and I can put you on the email distribution list.  Whatever floats your boat.

In the meantime enjoy the site, and keep checking for new information. My typical post day is Sunday, so there should always be one new article a week. However, I write when the spirit takes me, and am often posting bonus content throughout the week.

— Grumpus Maximus